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FunEx Your Crypto Keeper

FunEx is here to change the face of the crypto world by enabling easy, safe, & fast cryptographic operations.

FunEx Wallet Services

FunEx Wallet

FunEx wallet is one of the best crypto wallets available in the virtual market today. They provide the safest storage, buying, & selling of digital assets like crypto coins, NFTs, etc. FunEx wallets are decentralized & non-custodial.

FunEx Marketplace

FunEx marketplace is one of the biggest crypto marketplaces on the web. It enables users and cryptocurrency traders to trade, exchange, buy, or sell their virtual assets.

FunEx Investor's Safety

Taking care of the safety of our users & investors properties is our foremost concern, and we do our best & all to not let it get hurt. Our best-in-class tools & technology help us maintain our clean record.

FunEx Gaming & NFTs

FunEx offers the best blockchain-based games & NFTs trading experience. Having a vast inventory of games, FunEx is also trying its hands on Metaverse games. And they will be launched soon.

FunEx Staking

FunEx staking services allow its users to stake their cryptocurrency and open up a chance to make some extra coins. Earn crypto from crypto.

FunEx Strong Liquidity

Turn your cryptocurrencies into cash without degrading their prices. FunEx has a high liquidity value - therefore, the users will never face any issues during the liquidity of their digital assets.

Coin distribution structure

FunEx protects the rights of digitized assets and mediates.

Token Name : FunEx

Ticker Symbol : FUNEX

Total Supply : 150,000,000

Coin Supply :

(TRC20) - 50,000,000

(BEP20) - 50,000,000

(ERC20) - 50,000,000


While you enjoy FunEx Wallet services, FunEx is on the way to reaching you soon.

Coming soon on funex club

Easy to Play and Free Funex Club Pool Game on Android.

FunEx vs. Others





15% APY

Hold and Earn

Holders earn 2% Every Transaction


Defi Meme platform, Gaming Platform



1 Quadrillion


No Staking option

Hodl and Earn

No earning option





Unlimited supply


No Staking option

Hodl and Earn

No earning option


No utility



Unlimited supply


No Staking option

Hodl and Earn

No earning option


No utility


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NFT + Metaverse Games

FunEx Swap offers a variety of Metaverse games that let you earn NFTs. FunEx's virtual gaming world has innumerable attractions and activities to be entertained, enjoyed, and engaged. The NFTs earned can be used for a medley of purposes like user interactions, buying digital assets, and exchanging with other NFTs.

Some Key Benefits of FunEx's NFT & Metaverse Gaming World

Impeccably Realistic Experience

NFT Authenticity Guaranteed

Naturalistic Graphics

100% Safe & Secure User Activity

Loaded with Funex's Special Features


FunEx mobile wallet application is now available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Experience fast & smooth UI and never-seen-before crypto wallet app at your fingertips.

With FunEx Mobile Wallet, you can store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies and digital assets with lightning speed.

With the FunEx wallet app, you can :

Conduct Fast & Secure Transactions at just 2-3 Taps

Easy to Use User Interface & Layout

Super Smooth Experience

High-End Security




How It All Started.

  1. January 2019

    Concept creation & Research

    Launch Website and WhitePaPer to introduce FunexCoin Platform

  1. June 2019

    Quark base coin development for the beta purpose

  1. August 2021

    Token Development on TRC20

  1. October 2021

    Token Verification

    Token Launch on Tron Smart Chain

    Legal & Compliance

    Smart Contract audit

    Funex Wallet Launch

    Funex Staking

    Funex Exchange & Development

  1. November 2021

    Seed and Private sale

    IEO on Major exchange

    Promote marketing plan for FunexCoin

  1. December 2021

    Games Launch

    Listing on Major Exchanges

  1. January 2022

    Funex Exchange Launch

  1. March 2022

    NFT MarketPlace Launch


FunEx Whitepaper

Project FunEx - a result of years of hard work, research, investments, & mass level of teamwork. The primary goal of FunEx is to provide a reliable digital currency to the virtual gaming user base.

FunEx is all set to serve the modern tech-savvy generation with a new currency, wallet, marketplace, gaming club, and exchange they can lean on.



Frequently Asked question?

What is the use of FunEx?
The FunEx is a digital currency similar to any other money. It can be used for digital transactions, buying & selling of virtual & real assets (where crypto is accepted), and virtual fund transfers.

Why should you invest in FunEx?
The way FunEx is going & growing, it surely has a promising future. Coming up with 360-degree crypto-related products, services, & solutions - FunEx has the potential to be the crypto market leader in the near future.

What is a Crypto Wallet?
A crypto wallet is a secure virtual place required to store digital assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc. There are various kinds of wallets, like paper wallets, hardware wallets, etc., based on their usage type and user preference.

Why choose FunEx over other services?

Coming up with all, not just one cryptographic product or service, FunEx has a promising future as the future is indeed cryptographic.

FunEx is ready and waiting for you with its :

Topnotch Services

Personalized & Dedicated Assistance

Cryptography Solutions

Apart from the FunEx Wallet, what else does Funex have to offer?


FunEx Metaverse Gaming & NFTs

FunEx Exchange

FunEx MarketPlace, and many more.

What are the benefits of FunEx's decentralized wallet?
FunEx's non-custodial & fully decentralized wallet keeps your digital assets safe. Only you are IN CHARGE of your data, funds, & wallet!

FunEx Benefits :

100% safety of your cryptocurrencies

Store not just one but multiple cryptos

24*7 support system

Low transaction fees

Your call, your command