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Last revised: 29 Dec, 2022

Funex Club's 8-Level Referral Program

Funex Club's Staking Program

Funex Club's 8-Level Referral Program is literally the most unique & advantageous referral reward program ever started by any company or brand.

The Funex Club's staking program allows users to stake their Funex Coins and open up a chance to earn rewards passively. The users need to follow mandatory guidelines to claim the staking rewards.

There are three tenures of 30, 60, & 120 days with 6.85%, 8.75%, & 10.12% APY (Annual Percentage Yield), respectively.

Funex Club's 8-Level Referral Program

Staking reward's referral program allows the existing user to earn a percentage of the coins a new user stakes in her account whom the existing user has referred. The most unique part is it keeps happening till 8 levels.

Let us help you understand the 8-level program by giving an example.

Suppose there is a user A1.

A1 invites user B2 to create an account on Funex Club. B2 accepts the referral, creates an account, and stakes her Funex coins. A1 now becomes eligible to receive a percentage of B2's stacked coins as referral rewards.

This benefit program will continue for 8 levels. It means that if B2 refers to C3A1 B2 both will receive the benefits. If C3 refers to D4C3B2, & A1 will receive a percentage of D4's stacked coins as referral rewards.

If D4 refers to E5D4C3B2, & A1 - all will receive the benefits. A1's 8-level referral cycle will continue the same way till it reaches the 8th user.

The referral cycle will follow the same routine for others in the same manner as A1 till everyone reaches their 8th user.

Funex Club's Staking Program Guidelines & Benefits

Please Note

  • The reward will be given in the form of Funex Coins only.
  • The user must not break the staking by withdrawing the staked coins before the chosen tenure ends; if it happens, the user will not be eligible for any reward.
  • The reward percentage will keep declining as the cycle chain moves forward. The user will receive the highest referral reward percentage for level 2 and the lowest for level 8.


Sample Users

Reward Percentage (%)


Staker 1



Staker 2



Staker 3



Staker 4



Staker 5



Staker 6



Staker 7



Staker 8


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